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IDEA - Change the Names of the Linked Services during the CICD Deployment

Hello Microsoft team,

We would like to submit a feature request for the following scenario. Currently, when the linked services are created the names of the linked services cannot be changed. We would like to keep it changeable.

Scenario Requirement:
- We have multiple environments like Dev, UAT and Prod.
- As per our organization policy, we follow a nomenclature process for all the resources that we create in these environments.
- The name of a particular resource in Dev environment will be different from the name in Prod or other environments.

- Currently, when we try to use the CICD for deployment of resources to higher environments, we are able to change the values of the linked service objects. But we are not able to change the names of these objects.
- This is not currently supported during the CICD deployment.

Feature request:
- We would suggest a feature wherein the names of the linked services and other resources can also be editable.

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Hi @OmkarSawant-8614 ,

Thank you for this suggestion to "Change the Names of the Linked Services during the CICD Deployment". We appreciate it. We will share and elevate your suggestion with the [product name] product team.

Note: Azure is working on a new Self-Serve option for customers to share and vote on product feedback. When available, you will be able to go to and share/up-vote product feature ideas

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