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sync and unsyc issue

We are in AD\Exchange hybrid environment and we sync AD accounts from two domains to O365.

We have an account with wrong UPN and we had some authentication issue so we could see there is some sort of account sync corruption and we unsync the account and then resynced it. this unsync and then resync has fixed the UPN from AADC side.

However, from O365 the unsync account is now moved to soft delete area which is expected. but now the re-sync AD account is now does not re-link to the account in soft delete area in O365.

Can you please assist us on how to re-associate the soft-delete account with the AD account .

Iam having issues with duplicate attribute mismatch.
I will have to delete the user from cloud the one in deleted user and then do a hard match here.

Could someone help me with step by step and detailed commandlets please

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re-link to the account in soft delete area in O365

Do you want to link the local AD account to soft delete AAD account or Exchange online mailbox? If you just sync AD account to Azure AD, then delete it, there will not exist mailbox on Exchange online. Could you provide more information about the steps to reproduce this problem?

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