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transport rule

I'm setting up a send / receive connector. I want to add any string to the header when transferring to iij. And, when I receive email from iij, I want to control not to loop to iij if the added character string is described in the header.

Can i do?
Exo internal >send connector > iij smx > receive connector > exo.

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Hi @tarouchabi-7271,

Exo internal >send connector > iij smx > receive connector > exo.

What does the "iij smx" mean? And how did you make the messages loop?

As I know, messages do not automatically loop under normal circumstances, if you just would like to set the header for messages sent to the recipients(with iij in email address), we could set the transport rules to set the message header.

In order to further confirm your issue, please provide us with more information about your environment and the conditions you need.

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It is a cloud product that performs security checks such as attachments. Internal delivery also wants to go through iij.
I'm setting iij's Gip as an exception to a transport rule that has a send connector set, but Delivery loops probably because gip changes frequently. So, I want to know if adding the header string to the transport rule of the send connector and setting the added header string in the exception will solve the problem.

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Hi @tarouchabi-7271,

Thanks for your update, please understand here we mainly focus on general issues about Exchange and know little about iij and gip.

According to your description, I understand that the message would loop due to the lack of any filter conditions in the rules associated with the connector, is it right?

If so, in my opninion, comparing with add the header, it would be more easier to prepend the subject of message with any words (such as "[iij]") and add the exception of the subject includes "[iij]" in your rule to check.

If I have any misunderstandings or your issue has any update, please feel free to post back.

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Hi @tarouchabi-7271,

Does your issue have any update? If you still need further assistance, please feel free to post back.

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