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Microsoft 365 DNS API?

Whereas Azure is making some progress toward providing a DNS management API, Microsoft 365 seems to be lacking anything like it. Is it just my inability to find it, or is such a thing simply not available? Alternatively, is there any way to use the Azure API to manage Microsoft 365 DNS installations?

I manage a few machines that use DHCP, and occasionally change addresses. I realize there is caching and lag time, but being able to run a service that automatically updates IP addresses in the DNS for them would be VERY helpful. I'm tired of walking people through finding their IP addresses, regardless of how easy that has become, or of having to look the machines up in some other place.

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What do you call Microsoft 365 DNS?

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To be honest I don't really know how to explain it any better. When setting up a domain in Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365), you can allow it to manage the DNS for the domain. This is a different DNS host than Azure, and is maintained via the "Microsoft 365 admin center". The administration of this DNS host is done at a URL that looks something like<YourEmailAddress>&source=applauncher#/Domains/Details/<YourDomainName>;

When Microsoft 365 hosts your DNS, you typically use the following name servers:

If Azure hosts your DNS, you typically use name servers such as:

Hope that helps!

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Not really. I don't understand what you are trying to do :/ Also the fact you throw some DHCP stuff here is quite confusing.

The DNS management in Office 365 portal is about making sure you have the appropriate DNS records for your clients to locate the right services. That's it. So it lists the records used for that purpose.

Are you saying that you are hosting those records in a DNS zone hosted in Azure DNS? And would like to change them? The DNS records used to locate MS Services do not change actually. They are not even A records, but CNAME or other types which are not pointing to IP addresses. Really, I have no idea what this is about :( Sorry.

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