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Question for Azure ML Studio Classic

Hi, saw the post on, would like to get some clarifications.

  1. "Beginning 1 December 2021, you will not be able to create new Machine Learning Studio (classic) resources. Through 31 August 2024, you can continue to use the existing Machine Learning Studio (classic) resources."
    If I am just interested in creating the experiments, creating the ML models using the click-and-drag, is it still supported? Ie, i want to create new experiment, new model, new dataset, from now till 2024. I am focused more on the creating of ML model and evaluation, not so much on the deployment. What does the resources mean?

  2. what are the options for students to migrate to Azure machine learning, if they do not have credit card to setup an azure account? What if the students are from private institutions, ie not from government affiliated organizations? Or is there a support granted to the students, if they have a .edu email account?

thank you and apologies if the queries are out of place. Not sure where can i get for help. thanks!

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@YewMeng-6232 Did the response below help to clarify your questions about the usage of Azure ML classic and designer?

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@YewMeng-6232 I think some of your questions are answered on this thread.
To clarify, you can use the resource or workspace to create experiments provided that you have created the resource before 1st December 2021 and not deleted it after this date.

For students Azure runs a program which helps students use some of the services with free credit. All the criteria and services available are listed on the page.

You can also use the new Azure Machine Learning designer which does not have any dates for retirement. The classic studio is retiring so if you plan to use the services for a longer period it is advisable to use the designer services.

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Hello, thank you for your reply.

Just a question, what does "resource" mean? Since I have been experimenting around Azure ML Studio (Classic) and on Azure portal separately, I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing? Can you give examples of "resources" inside Azure ML Studio (Classic)?

Usually, I create new experiments/workspace directly from the Azure ML Studio (Classic), and not from Azure portal. Is this method still workable?

By the way, I tried to access the Azure ML Studio (Classic) yesterday and it was stuck at loading. Is this expected, or only a glitch for yesterday?

Thank you so much!

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A resource is your Azure ML workspace that is created from Azure portal. Once you create a workspace that will be linked to your Azure ML classic portal provided you login with the same user in both cases.

You can create experiments/projects/webservice endpoints from the ML classic portal. The portal should load fine when you access it, could be an intermittent issue when you tried.
The portal will also retire as mentioned on its landing page, we highly encourage to start using the new machine learning workspace and portal if you are getting started with Azure machine learning.

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