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Unable to add email address of particular shared mailbox to Sharepoint library

One of the columns within SharePoint library I manage allows me to add email addresses of either particular employee or shared mailbox. There is one shared mailbox which I'm unable to add for some reason... When I try adding it, I keep on receiving the following error message: 'Your organisation policies don't allow you to share with these users'.

Our IT Dept checked the set up of this mailbox against others that I can add to this SharePoint library and confirmed that they were all set up in exactly the same way.

The above error message is now gone, instead SharePoint indicates that the email address was added by displaying 'Saved' in green but the email address field remains blank.

Any ideas on how this can be fixed?

Kind regards Natalia

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@GoldaNatalia-5899 ,

What is the type of that column? A Person or Group type column? Did you apply any customization(like JSON column formatting) to this column?

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Hi Allen,

It is Person or Group column. I did not add any customization to it.

Kind regards

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@GoldaNatalia-5899 ,

Have a try to create a new Person or Group column, would this still happen?

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