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Outlook addin android. JS access to microphone

Outlook addin for android outlook app. I ve been developing an outlook adding and i have some recording feature to allow users record some audio. Therefore, i need an access to microphone using JS(the adding is written on react js).
When i try to execute the following code:
try {
await navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia({audio: true, video: false});
I get and error: NotAllowedError: permissions denied
This code perfectly runs in web version of outlook, but fails in android app. All permissions on my android device are granted for outlook. So does outlook android app supports microphone permissions feature via it's webview? The addin is not for online meetings so does not use that's extension point? I've searched outlook official docs as well as this and other forums and found nothing that could help.
If some one know why this situation happens, please, answer here. Thanks in advance :)

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