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How to disable ipv4 on webapp or front door

I want to make ipv4 and ipv6 tests from my azure web app, so I need to access some icon on ipv4 only or on ipv6 only as it's done in some sites like
I've seen that I can support ipv6 on my webapp with a front door, but what can I do to make it responds with ipv6 only ?

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Hi @ClaireFKM-7770,

Thanks for the question. We are checking internally with the engineering team to see if your scenario is currently supported and will update you once we hear back from them.

To clarify, is your webapp currently responding to ipv4? is your app in an ASE?


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Hi Grace,

My webapp is currently responding to ipv4, and my frontdoor is responding to ipv4 and ipv6. My app is not in an ASE, it is in a resource group with an app service plan


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