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PHP minor version for windows app service upgradation status

PHP version has been upgraded for php 8 for linux but for windows if we have upgraded to 7.4 it will support till next year but what is the minor version upgraded from MS community as right now they have upgraded to 7.4.15 which is having vulnerability, need to ask when you can upgrade it to 7.4.23, kindly let me know.

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Hi there,

I guess that you can not upgrade yourself. It's dependent on the rollout of platform updates.
And if you need steps to update PHP minor versions you can try out the steps in the link

Hope this answers all your queries, if not please do repost back.
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Thanks for reaching here! As I can see you have also created support ticket for this query and one of the support engineer is actively working with you. Once the issue is resolved will make sure to update this thread with findings so that it is helpful for the community.

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