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Unusual sign-in activity

I got a mail today with this title: "Unusual sign-in activity" . Someone from United States signed in my microsoft account.
When I got in my Microsoft account to change my password, there was written that a code would have been sendt to a mail, which is not mine!!
The mail had my same first letter and the rest was just stars to hidden it. Too short to be mine.
I tried to send a code to verify if this mail address was mine: I didn t get any code!

I replaced my security info and now what happens? Will this criminal delete the request to change security info, which are going to be replaced in 30 days, and block my account?
Is there something else I could do to protect my account? And how can I delete that fake mail adresse?


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@AntoNn-8510 This thread was tagged with azure-content-moderator tag which is a different Microsoft Azure service offering and does not moderate any users' MS login/profile activities.
With respect to the security issue with your account I think you have followed the right steps by reporting the activity to the team and updated your security info. If you feel that the account is still vulnerable you can follow the guidance on this page and use a trusted device to update the information and change your password.

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