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"nomerge" behavior not working in MsEdge browser v93 with IE Mode

Hi All,

I try to prevent session sharing between different windows/tabs of Edge browser v93 (latest version).

1) I'm using "-nomerge" in VBScript to launch my application as below

 AppToLaunch = "msedge -nomerge --new-window --app=" & "http://servername/index.aspx"
 dim WshShell
 set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
 WshShell.Run AppToLaunch

2) I have done some settings to launch my application in IE Mode when I opened it via VBScript or Entering URL in Edge browser

3) Configured the below setting in the integrated site list manager tool available at "edge://compat/sitelistmanager"

 <site-list version="x">
 <site url="http://serverName/index.aspx">
 <open-in merge-type="no-merge">IE11</open-in>

Still, the sessions between different tabs/windows are getting merged in the Edge browser. Could anyone please help me to resolve this?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @VivekRamesh-0096

From the doc, the command line for no-merge mode should be --enable-features=msAllowNoMergeIEMode.
Have you tried to use this in your VBScript to launch Edge? You can try to use this and tell us about your test result.

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Hi @YuZhou-MSFT,

Thanks for your response.

Since I'm using the MSEdge v93, I haven't used --enable-features=msAllowNoMergeIEMode.

As per your suggestion, I have updated the VBScript as below

 AppToLaunch = "msedge --new-window --enable-features=msAllowNoMergeIEMode --app=" & "http://servername/index.aspx"

but there is no change in the result. Still, I'm facing the same issue

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Hi @VivekRamesh-0096

I followed the steps in the doc and test with Edge version 94.0.992.31, the no-merge mode works fine.
Have you enabled IE mode first using group policies? I tested and found that we need to enable IE mode according to this doc, otherwise no-merge mode won't work in IE mode.
Besides, please pay attention that no-merge mode only works in different IE mode windows, it won't work between tabs.

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