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SharePoint Online Custom Permissions - Edit but no Design


I am trying to add a custom permission level to a SharePoint Online Site. The desired results would allow the visitor to add, edit, delete documents and folders but NOT be able to change any of the site design features.

It appears from this link: that all permission levels that allow editing documents in a document library or site also give them design permission.

Am I missing something here? We want to give a large group of people access to a site but we don't want them changing how the site looks.

Thank you,

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From your description, the default Contribute permission level will meet your requirement, no need to create custom permission level.

This permission level enables users to view, add, update, and delete list items and documents and has no permission to change how the site looks.

Note, default Visitors group has the default Read permission level, we need to create a new group and grant Contribute permission on it.

If this is not feasible for you, please feel free to reply.

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Hi Julie,
Thank you for your suggestions.
Unfortunately, the contributor permission level allows the user to edit the page layout as well. I have verified under the Site Permissions -> Advanced permissions settings the following:
There are no users or groups assigned to Members or Visitors.
There are only 2 owners in the site.
There is a custom group named Custom Editors and that group has been assigned Contribute.
Everyone except external users has been added to the Custom Editors group with the Contribute level permissions.
It has been about 45 minutes since I made the change to Contribute and as we can see, a member of the group "Everyone except external users" still has access to modify pages.

Is there perhaps another place where the permissions might be affected?

Thank you again for your help,


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This is because the "Edit items" list permission could edit pages in site pages library.


For your requirement, we can go to the site pages library> library settings>Permissions for this document library>Stop Inheriting Permissions from the site and edit users(who have contribute permission level) to Read permission level, in this way, they will not able to edit pages in this library since they only have read permission for them.

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Do you have any progress on this issue?

Please remember to update this thread if you need further assistance.

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Hello again,

Thank you very much for your input. With your help, I have achieved the desired results.

We create a group named contributors at the top level of the site.
We assign this group contributor level permissions.
We then remove "Everyone except external users" from the [Site Name] Members group and add them to the new Contributors group.
After that, we can change the settings of the Site Pages document library as you suggested.

These steps disabled the ability for everyone to be able to modify site pages.

Thank you again for your help!


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