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Can't close MSPaint after editing file saved in a FSlogix profile.

MS Paint won’t close after editing file that is saved in the user profile e.g. on the Desktop or My Documents when I use FSlogix profile containers.

  1. I open MS Paint, create a new file and save this file on the desktop or My Documents MS Paint is working OK.

  2. I open MS Paint again and going to edit the saved file that I created the first time. Then when I choose save MS Paint stops responding and is impossible to close even via Task manager. The only option to close paint is to log off the VDI session.

When I exclude the user from FSlogix profile containers MS Paint works OK. When I save the file on a network share MS Paint will work OK. There is enough space available in the FSLogix profile and the storage location. When I use Work or Excel I can save and edit files that are saved in the user profile.
We are using Windows server 2019 server VDI with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix app Layering.

Is there someone who can help me with this strange behavior of FSLogix?

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