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Azure Frontdoor Append/Replace some query params

Much like in Azure Front door, redirects In cloudflare can use * wildcard to match given patterns but in cloudflares you can also reference the values from the pattern that took the place of the wildcard in the redirect. This is true for path and query params but I'm specifically interested in appending new query params and/or modifying some rather than replacing the whole query param string

In azure front door url redirection I only see the option to replace the whole query param string. Is it possible to capture query params in the original url and append new params or only replace some?

example with cloudflare syntax for forwarding/redirect*&queryParam2=*

could translate to this$1&queryParam2=newOverriddenValue


if this is note a feature how could I make a feature request for it or where do I look to see if it's been requested already. I googled around a bit and couldn't find a place specifically for front door.

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Hello @DaltonCurtin-2508, Thank you for reaching out. I am currently try out this scenario and will update you shortly if any solution is possible. Apologies about your experience regarding finding the correct place to log or upvote a feature request. Azure is working on a new self-service option for customers to share and vote on product feedback. When available you will be able to go to https// and share/upvote product feature ideas. Meanwhile I will share your feature request across to the product team using our internal tooling.

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