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Autoenrollment of certificates from another AD forest.

Hello everybody!
There are two forests corp. local and
In the corp. local forest, there is a subdomain fd. corp. local in which users and computers are located.
In the forest The PKI infrastructure is deployed with root standalone and Enterprise Issuer CA.
802.1 x technology has been deployed for Wi-Fi devices, including certificates. But, since it is not possible to use your own PKI infrastructure in the subdomain and the fd.corp.local forest, you have to install certificates for Computer and User manually, because the PKI is located in another forest There is also no way to configure trusts between forests.
[b]Question:[/b]Tell me, is there another option to configure Autoenrollment for domain PCs, if the PKI is located in another domain of the forest?
If not, then maybe there is another mechanism for installing certificates on a PC in the storage, taking into account the fact that each PC must have its own certificate?

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