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Private Test link is working, but nothing happens when "Get" button is clicked.


When a test user clicks the "GET" button on the private test link,
nothing happens. And I don't know where and how to continue.

I created a ticket as Non-technical, had no answer, so I issued a ticket (Even bought a service plan)
and was told this is a non-technical issue and I have to create a ticket (again) and wait.
Been waiting and not get any help.

This is so frustrating....

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What do you mean by private test link? And what is the GET button? Please share more details about the your question.

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In Submission Page. You have menus of 1. Pricing and Availability 2. Properties.
When you click pricing and availability. You have submenu of 1. Markets 2. Visibility 3. Schedule ...
In Visibility, when you are doing "Private Audience" test. It shows a link that will be only used for private focus group testers.

That is what I meant by "Private Test Link".

For testers who are registered as our test users, if that is clicked. It goes to a listing in Microsoft store.
There in the screen, you have "Get" button to initiate download.

In a perfect world, the button should lead you to download.
But right now, it doesn't do anything. Button doesn't change anything nor any error message.

This is our situation. Been weeks like this.

Thank you for asking.

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Please make sure that the users have signed in to the Microsoft Store with the accounts that have been included in the Private group.

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