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Remote app client crash

Hello while using remote app to access a streamed application it is getting crashed. After the crash if i close the application completely and reopen it its showing the same crashed screen and getting freeze. Let me explain with a small eg: lets take 2 users (User1, User2). If the application is crashed for user1 and killed the session through task manager. Then again tried to access the same software as user1 and its showing the same screen and freezing. But if i try to access the same application from user2 account its working good. I don't know why this one is happening. When i restart the server its working good for both users. But i cant restart it every time because its a production environment. Previously i used depth first algorithm for load balancing but now i have changed to breath first algorithm. I don't know this will solve this issue. By the way this is not happening every time, this happens once in 2 or 3 days. Any suggestion to avoid this in future.

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