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Azure CDN moving existence domain to another CDN

I have an existing domain in Microsoft CDN and want to move to Akamai CDN, I knew that creating a new domain will cause downtime, and I had tried to use the "" method on my existing domain and won't work, it there any instruction or any understandable beside the doc on Microsoft?

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Hello @kaichenchien-9468 ,

Welcome to Microsoft Q&A Platform. Thank you for reaching out & hope you are doing well.

There is a limitation that we cannot map same custom domain with the CDN endpoints of same SKU, however we can create temporary mapping of the domain with CDN endpoint of different SKU.
Since, you are moving from Microsoft CDN to Akamai CDN, the mapping of temporary cdnverify subdomain should work in this case.

We do not have any other document beside the Microsoft doc but you should be able to achieve this using "cdnverify.<custom-domain-name>".
Once you've added this, you'll have to wait for some time due to DNS propagation before you verify your custom domain. If done with all the configuration and verification needed for your new CDN endpoint, that's where you can now point the actual CNAME record of your DNS to your new CDN hostname that will be used in production. Once you do this, it's safe to delete the CNAME record with cdnverify subdomain.

May I know at which step you are facing issues?


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Hello @kaichenchien-9468 ,

Could you please provide an update on this post?


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