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Cannot get Phone Call With MFA

Good morning. Not sure if this is the best forum.

On Monday morning, we learned that several of our users were unable to receive a phone call via Azure MFA. I can reproduce the issue. SMS, the app, and other methods work, but choosing any phone number to call doesn't work. It immediately gives an error. We've had over a dozen users report this problem.

Is anyone else having this problem? What can be done to troubleshoot this?

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Which error do you see? Have you checked the troubleshooting steps and confirmed that "Block sign-in" is disabled?

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Thank you for your reply. As soon as I choose "Call XXXX...", it says in red at the top, "Sorry, we're having trouble verifying your account. Please try again.
There are details at the bottom, including error code 500121.
Yes, I looked at that page, and there are no blocked sign-ins.
This issue started suddenly against many of our users at the same time.

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When I look at Azure Sign-in logs, the Authentication Details tab, when I do a phone call approval, it says a "Result Detail" of "BadReputation".

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