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Unable to connect to Azure Virtual Desktop - Configuration issue?

Let me start off by saying that I am new to Azure, so I am learning as I go.

I am on a trial to see if Azure Government is the right path forward for my company. My supervisor asked me to figure this beast out as he was running into issues as well. We've both work with on-premise servers/systems, so this cloud stuff is very new to us.

I was able to set up and connect to a virtual server through our Azure subscription, but my supervisor prefers that I set up a VDI. After setting up Azure Virtual Desktop, I noticed that it did not have a public IP, so I had to figure out how to request a public IP for my AVD set up. I managed to figure that our and add the public IP to the network interface for my AVD, but I am unable to connect to the IP address. No luck via RDP or Going to the webclient, I get the following message "It looks like your system administrator hasn’t set up any resources for <username> yet." I thought that I went through all the necessary steps.

While viewing my host pool, I noticed that I have 2 virtual machines unavailable. I don't recall where to go to find the error. Both of my virtual machines are running.

Since I am new, I may not have set up the VDI environment the way that I am thinking in my head. Ideally, I would like to have one public IP to give to users to connect and on the backend the system uses a round robin to assign which VM the user is connected to. Is this a good or bad idea? Is it possible? Any tips or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to delete my AVD configuration and start all over it that would be easier. I had been looking for a tutorial or step-by-step guide, but could not find one. I followed one of the videos that was linked to one of the pages on my Azure Gov't account.

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@MichaelLittle-3657 Apologies for the delay in response and all the inconvenience caused because of the issue.

First it seems like the machine failed at domain joined which is why the machines seems to be in unavailable state.

Second, you haven't register Application Group to AVD workspace which is why it is not showing any application under RDWEB.

Can you please follow the below mentioned link from scratch:-

If you still face any issues, there is a possibility that you might have missed the following components to be configured:-

  • DNS configuration under VNet

  • Not sure whether DC is reachable or not

Please check the following as well and see if the deployment goes well or not:-

Go to Azure Portal -> Resource Group (Under which you deployed the AVD) ->Deployments

Check if there is any deployment and confirm whether it was failed or not.Also, when you deploy AVD, it won't require Public IP address and port 3389 will be blocked, so for admin purpose you need to add a public IP address to the machine and allow port 3389 from the NSG which got applied to the VM's NIC.

Hope it helps!!!

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The link that you provided is the link that I followed to set up AVD initially. I started over from scratch and I still have issues. Looks like I needed to add Azure AD DS, but I am still receiving errors after setting that up.

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