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My authenticator app lost all its attached accounts!

I use Microsoft Authenticator as part of my 2FA process for some of my most important apps to my business and social life.
An application had asked me to reset a password (Discord in this case), but when I opened my authenticator app I had been signed out.

I'm normally signed into my app at all times, but for some reason I wasn't today. When I signed back in, however, my authenticator list was completely empty, aside from two buttons, one that was "add account" and another that said "start recovery"

When I started recovery, it asked for my Microsoft account information, and after submitting it I received a message that stated "backups are not stored on this account, use another personal account"

From here, I tried the "add account" button. Again, I was asked for my Microsoft sign in information, and it was given, except now the only thing that appears in my authenticator app is my Microsoft account itself.

All the apps I had connected with the account previously are missing, some of which are vital to my business!

I cannot access my main source of communication for work because its asking for a 2FA code that no longer appears in my Microsoft Authenticator app!

This is very frustrating, and impactful to my work. I have already been informed by the company that the only way to access my account with them is through the 2FA codes I no longer have.

Please help!

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