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Office JS addin to show forms as popup and allow form field to select cell in the active sheet

Hello Team,
We wanted to develop a Excel Addin using Office Js so that it can in different environments like Excel Online, Ms Excel Application, Office 365 as well.
But when i started evaluating the capbilities i could not find the relevant documentation or sample to achieve below needs

  1. We want to show the Forms and want to show the forms as dialogn/popup in center region of the excel

  2. We have a need to allow user to the select the cell of the active worksheet from the from field , the selected field address/value should be autopopulated to the respective field.

  3. Is there a way to have the form html to store in the addin it self it wout loading from the server, this way offline support cann also be provided.

Any help on this is highly appreciated.

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