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[Rendering] Android Outlook seems to not process 1.0 adaptive card (Action.Http)

Hello All,

I have some cards with Action.Http used for autoInvokeAction and some actions. These work in Outlook Desktop and Outlook Web, but recently it seems like they no longer working in Android Outlook.

For a concrete example:

"autoInvokeAction": {
"method": "POST",
"url": "https://myendpoint",
"headers": [
"name": "Content-Type",
"value": "application/json"
"body": "{my data}",
"type": "Action.Http"
This works in Outlook Desktop (hits endpoint, refreshes card)
This works in Outlook Web (hits endpoint, refreshes card)
This does not work in Outlook Android (does not hit endpoint, does not refresh card) Android App version is 4.2135.3 (42135810)
Is this still supported/any idea as to why it would not be working on Android?

Also see here for github issue (redirected to here)

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