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Signing UWP application with EV certificate

I have a problem where my EV Code Signing certificate is not visible in Visual Studio Community 2019 (16.6.5) when I'm trying to sign UWP application. Both on editing the appxmanifest property (packaging tab) and through "create app packages" I get the information that "No certificates meet the application criteria". But at the same time I am able to sign the same application manually using the SignTool tool (after editing the Package.appxmanifest file so that the "Publisher" attribute matches the data in my certificate.) Using the same certificate I am also able to sign the Windows Forms App (.NET framework) using ClickOnce manifest - here I can select my EV certificate from the list by clicking "Select from Store".

The certificate comes from the provider listed on, specifically it is "Certum EV code signing certificate".

Hope I have clearly described my problem, thanks in advance for your help

Tere some screenshots:
Windows Forms App:

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Do you have the certificate file in your local machine? If you do, what about clicking the 'select from file' option and choose the certificate file? It should recognize the certificate.

Another thing is that have you installed the certificate into the device before? Has the certificate been added to the certificate store of the current device?

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I added the certificate to my user personal store, SignTool or Visual Studio with Windows Form App find it correctly here (but I also checked scenarios where the certificate was placed elsewhere).

As for adding a certificate directly from a file, I can't do it because with the Extended Validation certificate my private key is contained only in the hardware token and it is not possible to export it to a file.

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I'll ask some engineers who are more familiar with Visual Studio here to take a look at this issue.

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Did you get anywhere trying to resolve this issue?

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