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My signed ClickOnce app continues to show "Protected your PC" box...

My ClickOnce app is signed with a PFX I got from Sectigo, the Publisher shown is actually me, but it continues to show the "Protected your PC" box. I know it's supposed to earn "SmartScreen" reputation points somehow, but I have no idea how that works and there's no apparent way monitor the progress. The install is located on a website, external to potential customers. But if customers can't install, then I can't be succesful.

I also purchased an EV key, but it turns out to be a physical device that must be connected to the build machine - which is somewhere in an OCI cloud - and the EV key cannot create a .PFX for signing via MAGE.

Am I trapped? Anything I can do to expedite sufficient points? Any ideas?

Thank you!

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@DavidLittle-1169 , based on my search, I find the article is similar to your problem. The answer describes that we need an Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificate. You can refer to the link get-a-code-signing-certificate to get the certificate.

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Hi, @JackJJun-MSFT. In my original post, I mentioned that I had actually obtained an EV certificate, but that isn't a solution for me. The key requires physical access to my deployment "machine" and my deployment - via Jenkins - is entirely on the cloud. there is no physical machine to attach to. My question was how to monitor my key's SmartScreen status. SmartScreen seems a little opaque. I also read that it's possible to submit an app for scanning, but no mention of where or who to submit to.

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@DavidLittle-1169, I am not good at EV or SmartScreen problems. About your problem related to EV certificate, I suggest that you could ask a question about windows-hardware-code-general.html. Of Course, you could ask the question related to windows-10-general.html about SmartScreen problem.

Thanks for your understanding.

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