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Azure Virtual Machine OS Disk deletes all the data

When I rebooted my virtual machine, I noticed that it takes a long time to redeploy, but wait a minute. After I logged in, it asked me to set up Cortana as a fresh install, and it also removed all the software and files on the operating system disk. It seems that it was formatted or that I was assigned a completely new disk but it did not ask me for any authorization, error or notification, I just delete everything, I need to recover the files that I had on the disk. They weren't on the Temporary Drive, they were directly on C.

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Did you create your VM with an ephemeral OS disk?

IIf yes, then this behaviour is by design and unfortunately any data stored on the OS disk is lost.

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@luisrivasn As I understand you need to recover the data deleted from the OS disk am I correct?

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@luisrivasn Just checking in to see if you have had a chance to see the previous response. Could you share the above required information to understand/investigate this issue further?

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