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size increase issue

We have Exchange 2016 Hybrid Server for mail flow between O365 to Internal mail Server. Hybrid Server C Drive Disk space is 119 GB.

Transport Database and Transport Logs ( message Trace and Protocol logs) has been moved to D Drive for large disk space.

Currently we are facing issue in C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\TransportRoles\data\Temp\UnifiedContent folder file growth.

What is the reason for files increasing in this folder.

Is there any workaround to move this folder to D Drive. We have enough Disk space in Drive.

Due to month end process and huge mail flow, C Drive is getting low disk space and mail flow is affected.

I want to move the folder TransportRoles\data\Temp\UnifiedContent from C Drive to D Drive. Also so reason for the growth.

mailflow of my organisation
Office 365 (2 Tenants) ß mail flowà On prem hybrid Server ( Exchange 2016) ß mail flow à on prem Internal mail Server.

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