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Microsoft text to speech service

I registered myself for the microsoft Azure text to speech service recently. Speech Studio worked fine for the first two days, but today there is distortion in the text reader's voice. What can I do about it? I use Windows 10 Home.

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@LeonardJayawardena-3494 Could you please add more details about the voice distortion that you noticed?
Depending on the available voices for text to speech the response could vary. But all neural voices provide very realistic sounding voices with varied level of control to adjust speaking styles, please check if any of these settings have changed that might cause your voice output to vary.

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Thanks for the reply. It now appears that the problem is with the computer. The audio is distorted everywhere: OneNote, Windows built-in text reader, notification sounds, YouTube, etc. I ran the Windows troubleshooter. It did its best but in the end admitted it couldn't fix the issue! Any suggestions?

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In that case shouldn't that be an issue with your device drivers for sound? I am not sure how you can fix them but the response I got from the SDK sounded ok to me, I think you can try playing the file from another system or on your mobile.

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