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Azure MFA NPS Extension sign-in logs in Azure

We have the NPS MFA Extension enabled and working. I know there are event logs and log files locally on the NPS server. But is there a way to get the MFA request to log to the Azure AD Sign-in logs in the Azure Portal? We want consolidated logging, and to not have to check multiple locations to gather information.

Our setup is using native AAD accounts and AADDS to configure NPS and MFA for Remote Desktop gateway server.


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@Jinseng-6509 , I think if you are looking for security log consolidation , Azure Sentinel would be the way to go but I will check more internally and will let you know if I find anything else.

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We may have to look into that. I was hoping to not have to add another subscription service if possible. It seems like Azure AD should log MFA requests along since Sign-ins, but I haven’t seen it doing that.


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