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Visual Studio Instrumentation Proccessor Fork


I am trying to do instrumentation testing for my application.

When I start testing, my application forks off a service processor that I am trying to benchmark.

The instrumentation only returns the results relating to the start-up processor.

I can accomplish benchmarking with sampling by attaching it directly to the processer, but instrumentation doesn't allow for that.

I was hoping that you would be able to provide me with a method for benchmarking this background service processer.

 SC_HANDLE schService = OpenService(schSCManager, TEXT(BUILD_KEY) 
 if (StartService(schService, 1, szServiceMainArgs) == FALSE)


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Hi, @CarlinC-7563
I did not find relevant content in Testing tools in Visual Studio.

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Me neither, thank you @PengGe-MSFT

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Hi, @CarlinC-7563
I suggest you can start a new thread and report this issue to VS Product Team in our Developer Community with some reproduced or detailed information. if you do report this issue, please share the link here, other forum members who are interested or meet the same or similar issue can go to vote for this thread.

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