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Issue occurs when integrating meeting microsoft team api v2 (POST /users/{userId}/onlineMeetings)

The issue occurs when integrating meeting Microsoft team API v2 (POST /users/{userId}/onlineMeetings). I am developing functionality in which we are scheduling a meeting using Microsoft team API v2 from my personal account. I am getting an error for using a personal account. As per Microsoft docs, I need a "work or school account" to do the same. So how can I develop from a developer account/ sandbox account to bypass the limitation of subscription to work or school account? Please guide me to do that?

stdClass Object
[error] => stdClass Object
[code] => AuthenticationError
[message] => Error authenticating with resource
[innerError] => stdClass Object
[date] => 2021-09-27T06:59:55
[request-id] => f07b2eaa-a194-4154-bbc9-ea54410d018d
[client-request-id] => f07b2eaa-a194-4154-bbc9-ea54410d018d



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