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Authentication error on token refreshing

I caught an issue during token refreshing. I got the following error:

 {"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"AADSTS70000: The user could not be authenticated or user interaction is required. The user must sign in again and if needed grant the client application access to the requested scope.\r\nTrace ID: 41675a78-aff1-4139-8544-dd7c3c580500\r\nCorrelation ID: aece2136-29fc-4e2f-9fee-410198f05bf0\r\nTimestamp: 2021-09-27 02:06:59Z","error_codes":[70000],"timestamp":"2021-09-27 02:06:59Z","trace_id":"41675a78-aff1-4139-8544-dd7c3c580500","correlation_id":"aece2136-29fc-4e2f-9fee-410198f05bf0","error_uri":""}

I didn't change account credentials. Could you please help to find out the reason of the error?

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