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lifecycle notifications (/communication/CallRecords) doesn't work for me

I registered a subscription for callrecord.

I tried many, I started with a locally C# app with ngrok and then I used an Azure function with nodejs. Creating the subscription locally without lifecycle notification works fine, creating a subscription with an Azure function with nodeJS works fine too with both urls (notification & lifecycle).

For the post call I used the following JSON:

    "resource": "communications/callRecords",,
    "changeType": "created",
    "clientState": "xyz",
    "notificationUrl": "https://<domain>/api/notification",
    "lifecycleNotificationUrl": "https://<domain>/api/lifecylcenotification",
    "expirationDateTime": "2021-08-29T16:36:56.1624377Z",

The registered Azure function for both url's uses the following code:

 module.exports = async function (context, req) {
     context.log('Executing Webhook endpoint...');
     // Validate the subscription creation
     if (req.query.validationToken) {
         context.log('Validating new subscription...');
         context.log('Validation token:');
         context.res = {
             headers: {
                 'Content-Type': 'text/plain'
             body: req.query.validationToken
     else {
         context.log('Received new notification...');
         context.log('Notification: ');
         context.res = { body: "" };

I tried many and spend many time but in no case I got a lifecycle notification but it was everytime successfully registered for it.

Can aynone help or tell me what could be wrong?

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