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VMM 2019 10.19.2591.0 - Server 2022 Hyper-V role support

I've installed a test server with Server 2022 core, and enabled the Hyper-V roles on it. We are about to upgrade our whole Hyper-V environment to new hosts and I thought I might just as well run Server 2022. Updated to the latest CU, and tried to add it to our VMM setup, the latest version as of yet, 10.19.2591.0. However when adding a server 2022 hosts, it tells me the OS is not supported.

So what gives? Server 2022 is released, we are bombarded by MS Marketing with all new features and security and what not, but yet their own management solution does not support it?! When will an update to VMM be released? There doesn't even seem to be a proper Server 2022 tag on this thing they call a forum...

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We have the same issue, SCVMM 2019 with UR 3 is not working with Windows Server 2022, no update available yet?

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Can you believe that? Imagine VMware came out with ESX 8, raving about it's features, and then not having vCenter support it for half a year making it pretty much unusable on somewhat larger scale.

What a joke. I'm sorry to be negative but I've lost pretty much all of my Microsoft appetite over the course of 6-7 years with al their great ideas. Cumulative patches that break at least something in our environment every single month, be it on servers or clients. Simple, just annoying things like Windows 11 having a unproductive UI with things like 'never combine taskbar items' removed. It makes me have to make SO many more clicks. Who approves such things? The constant force to push people to online accounts and Azure service. Some of us can't use them or do not want to use them. But no, we'll just keep punishing you for running on-premises. My list of annoyances with MS is so long I could decorate my walls with it. But alas, one can't always get their way so either I'll have to accept some annoyances or switch to something else alltogether. Easy as that.

But not being able to manage their server release that went RTM in August with MS OWN managament system for at least half a year... My god that's just breathtakingly pathetic.

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