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Requesting Access to Extended ET API - How? Who do you contact?


Can anyone please help me, we desperately need to access functions from the Extended Eye Tracking SDK but we do not know who to ask, where to send the request? In the documentation we have found the following instructions but they are not complete: requesting-access-to-extended-et-api:

Requesting Access to Extended ET API

Please follow the instructions to request access to Extended ET API:
- The customer needs to reach out to Microsoft Mixed Reality teaam (mail: TDB, custom capability name TBD) to request access to Extended ET API.
- The customer needs to povide an description (use case) of the application that would be enabled using the Extended ET API.
- The custimer should follow existing public custom capability documentation to gather PFN and certificate signature hash.
- Microsoft will review the request to decide if custom capability request will be approved.
- If approved, Microsoft will provide signed SCCD file.

Once custom capabilty request is approved, the customer should refer to our developer guide for using Extended ET APIs.

We need access to those extra features for our research project - could someone assist please?

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Hi PawelKosinski, we noticed a similar issue created in Github:Requesting access to Extended Eye Tracking API, so you can track it in the GitHub project since that is where the issue updates would be coming once we get something further to share.

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