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URI Schema ms-word makes no difference between open-for-view and open-for-edit


we need for our intranet some hyperlinks to Word documents, which are generated dynamically from an other system. the documents are located on a network drive.
so far everything is working.

The problem is only

 <a href="ms-word:ofv|u|file://///server/path/document.docx">view</a>
 <a href="ms-word:ofe|u|file://///server/path/document.docx">edit</a>

these two lines behave the same.
according to Microsoft office-uri-schemes
ofv is open for view and
ofe is open for edit
but thats not working this way.
Both can change the document and by click on Save it is overwriten.

Is there any way to open the documents in read-only, view or at least like a new document (with no reference to the original one), so saving will not overwrite the original?
Thank you

We have installed Office365.

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As tag "office-word-itpro" focus more on gerenal issues of Word client, but your issue is realted to Word development. To better help you, I would add the tag, thansk for your understanding.

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thank you for adding office-addins-dev to tags. i placed as well office-itpro out of lack of choice.
but these are wrong too.
to be honest, there exists no suitable tag for this problem. I would have expected something like office-dev
because I assume that this problem will also occure with excel,... and the other office uri schemes.

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