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Outlook VBA Code Disappearing - partially


I have a very extensive outlook VBA Macro that creates an html formatted email containing information pulled from a database. The code is working wonderfully, however, it seems that about every month or so about half of my code disappears from the macro on 4 client machines. The code always cuts off at the same line on all 4 machines and the macro is no longer functional. I have to go to a backup copy of the macro and move it to the machines so that the end users can continue using it.

Without posting all of the code here is what happens:

A window appears when I open up the developer tab (see below image). When I click yes and open the developer tab and then the code, it cuts off at line 188. The code is supposed to be 432 lines long.

Has anyone ever experienced this or have any idea why this would occur. I am at a complete loss here.


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