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I am trying to Connect SharePoint 2019 with OAMSSO(Oracle Access Manager) using ADFS as a Service Provider but I am getting error for SAML token invalid

I am trying to use OAM(Oracle Access Manager) as a single sign on in SharePoint 2019 where I am using OAMSSO as a idp and AD as a Service provider. For this in AD I have added Claim provider Trust for oamsso metadata also add claim issuance as is from NameID to EMAil ID and also added Relying party trust for OAMSSO fed url with LDAP claim issuance from EMAIL to EMAIL but while accessing on SharePoint 2019 it is authenticating and after that I am getting below error.

My Question is OAM sending token using SAML2.0, is it supporting in SharePoint 2019? and My SharePoint application is running already using windows users permission so Can I map the same user coming from OAMSSO logged in user ?

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Hi @AshishJoshi-5550 ,

The third part software Oracle Access Manager is currently not supported on Microsoft Q&A.

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II am not asking for OAM anything... I am asking for issues facing on SharePoint and ADFS and reason for it if anyone can help.

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