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Azure SDK behaviour in case of list()

Regarding the call listed below, I have an Azure object, I am trying to fetch network watcher. I am not sure about the behaviour for Azure SDK, if in case I do not have a network watcher, will this call return an empty list or null. I believe it should return an empty list, but in some cases, I have seen it return null. Couldn't find anything in the documentation for the same, Some clarification is needed here.


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Hello @ShambhaviRai-8086, Thank you for reaching out. Can you please tell us which Azure SDK(which language) are you referring to? and can you share a sample of the code you are running? It will help us better debug the issue.

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I am using JAVA

private final Azure azure;
public NetworkWatcherClass(
Azure azure) { = azure;
NetworkWatchers networkWatchersCache = azure.networkWatchers();
List<NetworkWatcher> networkWatcherList = networkWatchersCache.list();

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