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I'm missing email from AD when I sign in with GitHub B2C custom policy

I integrate sign in/sign up B2C custom policy with GitHub following docs: , it is working but I'm missing the email from AD. Name and surname are missing also when I get data from GitHub, but I can collect them in self asserted form

Even if I have this tehnical profile:
<TechnicalProfile Id="GitHub-OAuth2">
<Protocol Name="OAuth2" />
<Item Key="ProviderName"></Item>
<Item Key="authorization_endpoint"></Item>;
<Item Key="AccessTokenEndpoint"></Item>;
<Item Key="ClaimsEndpoint"></Item>;
<Item Key="HttpBinding">GET</Item>
<Item Key="scope">read:user user:email</Item>
<Item Key="UsePolicyInRedirectUri">0</Item>
<Item Key="BearerTokenTransmissionMethod">AuthorizationHeader</Item>
<Item Key="UserAgentForClaimsExchange">CPIM-Basic/{tenant}/{policy}</Item>
<!-- Update the Client ID below to the Application ID -->
<Item Key="client_id">gitHubClientId</Item>
<Key Id="client_secret" StorageReferenceId="B2C_1A_GitHubSecret"/>
<OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="displayName" PartnerClaimType="name" />
<OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="givenName" PartnerClaimType="first_name" />
<OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="surname" PartnerClaimType="last_name" />
<OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="email" PartnerClaimType="email" />
<OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="signInNames.emailAddress"/>
<OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="userPrincipalName" />
<OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="numericUserId" PartnerClaimType="id" />
<OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="issuerUserId" />
<OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="identityProvider" DefaultValue="" AlwaysUseDefaultValue="true" />
<OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="authenticationSource" DefaultValue="socialIdpAuthentication" AlwaysUseDefaultValue="true" />
<OutputClaimsTransformation ReferenceId="CreateIssuerUserId" />
<OutputClaimsTransformation ReferenceId="CreateRandomUPNUserName"/>
<OutputClaimsTransformation ReferenceId="CreateUserPrincipalName"/>
<OutputClaimsTransformation ReferenceId="CreateAlternativeSecurityId"/>
<OutputClaimsTransformation ReferenceId="CreateSubjectClaimFromAlternativeSecurityId"/>
<UseTechnicalProfileForSessionManagement ReferenceId="SM-SocialLogin" />

it seems that I can't get any data from GitHub, neither the name, surname or email.

Any ideas why?

Also I see in Postman (same auth) name, company, email are 'null'

Thank you!

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Hi @IrinaANDON-6568 , we are investigating your issue and will update you shortly.


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JamesHamil-MSFT answered

Hi @IrinaANDON-6568 , you might need to add this claim to the relying party output claims section:

 <OutputClaim ClaimTypeReferenceId="email" PartnerClaimType="email" />

Also, you need to grant this scope in the Github Portal:

 user:email |Grants read access to a user's email addresses.

Please let me know if this works or if you have any questions!

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Thank you,

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