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MSDTC Access Over VPN Forticlient Not responding


After Configuring MSDTC on Computer and SQL Server, with our Network domain area, it's work fine but when i tried to connect on Remote ( Using VPN Forticlient ) i couldn't due to firewall block.

I already checked the configuration :

Configure MSDTC / Add MSDTC to Windows Firewall exceptions list / Add exclusion Port to Firewall.

even the traffic is opened on Firewall

Thanks if can help me

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Hi @SamiBenLaribi-1052

Did you try to disable firewall?

In addition, please try to use DTCPing tool to troubleshoot connectivity issues in MS DTC. By using the DTCPing tool, you can test the name resolution between two computers. You can also test the remote procedure call (RPC) communication between two computers

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