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Invoices review unavailable

I am using Azure for many years. Why I do not see my invoices under Cost Management/billing/invoices?

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@MarinaJohnson-4247 Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

Per screenshot provided the next invoice would be available on 10/5/2021.

Have you had access to invoices before?
If yes, could you confirm that there were no changes made in access privileges?

For your reference:

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Hi Sadidh,
We did not do any changes. I am the owner of the account. I can access invoices directly from each subscription. But can't see any past invoices (actually ANY invoices) using this page
Thanks for the doc. But I do need to download it. I wanted to go through my invoices in one place without opening each subcription individually

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@MarinaJohnson-4247 What type of account this: PAYG or Enrollment (EA) or MCA?

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