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Speller is not supported in my new Azure Cognitive Search instance

I've got a very strange issue with Azure Cognitive Search. Soms months ago, I've created an Azure Cognitivie Search instance on our test subscription. When I query in the Search Explorer for *&speller=Lexicon&queryLanguage=NL-NL, I successfully receive a list of search results.

Today I created an instance of Azure Cognitive Search on our production environment with the same ARM Template and exactly the same Data Source, Indexer and Index. When I run the same query as above on this instance, it returns this error:

Parameter 'speller' is only supported for search services created on or after 2019-01-01.

It is a pretty clear error... except that I created the instance a few minutes before! I didn't even had access to the subscription in 2019. I've recreated the whole instance, but it keeps throwing me this error.

Does anyone have the same issue and probably a workaround?

Update: It looks like this problem only appears when I create a free plan instance in the production subscription. The free instance on the test subscription works fine and a Basic plan on production also works.

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Vincent-9491, Thanks for posting this question and sharing an update on your findings.

Apologies for the delay on this, we're checking on this and get back to you shortly. To fetch more details about the instance/app/subscription, I would also reach out you privately.

Thanks for your patience and co-operation!

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