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RDS using User Profile Disks - roaming\appdata not pulling in sometimes

Using User Profile Disks in an RDS environment. 1 broker all in one system except Remote Session host role. We use only RDS sessions to the server so we do not have any apps that folks launch, just RDS sessions. We have 13 Session Host servers, and 3 DNS records with our farm name pointing to each of 3 of our session hosts. So example:
RDSfarm -
RDSfarm -
RDSfarm -

We have User profile disk folder share with correct permissions and no caching enabled.
User profiles have max size of 2GB, we save all data to User profile Disks.
Using in a Vmware environment. Each server has 32GB ram and 8CPU, don't see much issues with CPU or Mem consumption

Server 2016 RDS Farm.
1 collection
End a disco session is set to 1hr
active time limit is 12hrs
idle session is 2hrs
disconnect from session is set to automatic reconnection

Userprofile disk is on the Broker as a separate drive using NTFS not REFS.

delete temp folders on exit - checked
use temp folders per session - checked

We have a softphone app on the terminal servers and folks also have outlook using signatures MS365. Those are sitting in appdata\roaming\xxxxx

About a week ago we started randomly having people say that their settings are now missing from the softphone and are missing signature in outlook. This is so strange and it's not everyone but maybe 20-25 people per day. We have about 130 people connecting overall.
This can change day to day so some folks might be fine and some may not. Even had instances where folks were logged in and then disconnected, came back and then had settings wiped. I do not understand if all data is saved in UPD why settings would suddenly not load in??

For Client Settings the only things we redirect is audio. No printing at all or clipboard/plug and play etc.

Does anyone have any ideas on this one? I'm stumped. Extremely frustrating. I'm looking at doing away with UPD and going to a diff solution if we can't figure this one out.

For DNS recommendations for round robin I have found you should have all of your session hosts be included for Farm name as being available and then even found another post that said no , don't do it like that. Have farm point to broker and then create a registry entry (i'd have to check what it was).

Also is there any Group policy settings that help with UPD's?? I don't see much out there for it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again we have folks that could say connect for 4 or 5 days and then suddenly come in and signatures and settings for 3rd party phone app be missing.

Thank you!

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Hello Prezidentj33-6351,

Thank you for your question.

We have a topic with a problem similar to yours, I recommend you check it on the link below to understand how to fix the problem:

If the answer is helpful, please vote positively and accept as an answer.

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@LimitlessTechnology-2700 Thank you for the reply. The link you provided is different in that we do not use roaming profiles for our users in AD at all. They strictly login to the RDS farm and connect to the UPD and when they login, outlook signatures and our softphone settings they use are wiped out or sometimes partially wiped out. We have to redo signature and settings for both and then they are good. But they may call in again the next day with same issue. The thing that is so odd is everything else about profile is fine /desktop/documents etc. it's just the appdata\roaming\microsoft\signatures and appdata\roaming\phoneapp\folder\settings.xml that is wiped out. No rhyme or reason. I figured if they had a profile issue it would be the entire profile wouldn't load and they would get a temp profile. But this doesn't seem to happen.

Also for our farm name in DNS we have 3 of our 13 servers in as possible IP's to hit when logging into farm for load balancing. Is it entirely possible that slowness is causing profile to not read the settings or??? It's a disk for profile so some settings not saving or coming in is a bit strange and doesn't make any sense. We are using "Store entire profile in the disk" So we are not saving particular file paths etc.

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