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More than 4 people in Teams on Linux

Currently you can only see 4 different videos/people when using Teams on Linux. This forces me to use Zoom for any group call. Are there any plans for Teams to support more than 4 videos at once?

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Currently, there is no more information about such plan for Teams for Linux.

I find a similar feature request here. You could vote for it and add your comments.

Microsoft will always focus on customer’s feedback and experience. Some new features would be added to the services based on customers' feedback in the future, and your good ideas will be very helpful for them to improve the service.

Your time, understanding and cooperation will be highly appreciated.

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We had more than 4 people for a few days back in May 2020 but Microsoft disabled it and never enabled it again. Seems like there is no further development on the Linux client as you can see in my post

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I had hoped that using teams via the browser (instead of the app) would allow more than 4 people but sadly that doesn't seem to be the case.

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I completely understand your feelings.

If there is any news about such feature in Teams for Linux in future, I will share with you here as soon as possible.

Have a nice day!

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