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Migration of AD, exchange and sharepoint to Azure cloud

Hi All,

We have a requirement of migrating user, inbox and sharepoint data to Azure cloud without disturbing existing environment and users profile and credentials. Can anyone guide how to make it happen.

current environment -

  1. There are two different forests( and and some of users and their data will be migrated to new forest(

  2. One forest is on premises and second is onpremises+ O365

  3. Migration will be done under M365 with new tenant

  4. We need to keep same user permission of file server and replication same to online sharepoint

  5. New environment will be completely Azure infra

  6. Active directory will be in Azure(one VM[primary DC]+ AADS)

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@RakeshKumar-2842 , We are looking into this and will update you .

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@shashishailaj ,

Any help on the this request?

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Any help on this request.

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