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Publisher display name in Microsoft Store - Rejected

We are changed our company name from "IronOne Technologies (Pvt) Ltd" to "BoardPAC Private Ltd". So we decided to change the "Publisher display name" of the Microsoft store as well. So I went ahead and change the details with our new company name. We are using Google as our main email domain which is "" and we also have a Microsoft domain email as well which is "". I have changed the relevant fields and submitted but it was failed with the following messages.
"We were not able to verify your employment details. Follow below instructions to fix:"
"Verify and update company legal business name"
"Verify and update email with the company domain email address"

All the details I gave are true and correct but the verification fails. Appreciate your immediate assistance on this because meanwhile I cant submit app updates to the Store due to publisher name conflict.

Thank you for your consideration.

NOTE: Screen of "Developer" section change

The screen of change contact details of "Developer" section

Screen of the "Partner" section change

The screen of change profile details of "Partner" section

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I have to say that the forum support can't help you with this issue about why you are rejected. You have to contact the store team for such kind of issue and check for the reason. You might need to open a free support ticket here: Contact Us. Go to Contact us, find Non-Technical Support - Dashboard and choose CHAT NOW or
. Only the ticket support could help to check the specific reason for your issue.

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Thank you. I'll contact support.

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I just need to change the "Publisher display name in Microsoft Store". (It was IronOne Technologies (Pvt) Ltd earlier and I want it to be BoardPAC Private Ltd) I don't know I have done way more changes than required and maybe caused the rejection. I have submitted several times with changing the emails from "" and "". Appreciate any support towards this to change the Publisher display name in Microsoft Store.

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As I mentioned in my previous comment, the forum support can't check the reason why you are rejected so you need to contact the store team. Please open the free support ticket and report your issue to via the ticket.

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