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Microsoft update catalog database

I'm trying to build a database that will tell me for each update (by KB number) which CVE that update resolve.
I've found some issues with that.
1. With each KB that I research I find that it replaced an older KB that may or may not solved a CVE.
2. I didn't manage to find a database that will easily tell me or give me access to the CVE(s) that a specific KB solves. It's always an investigation work so its hard to code that.

Currently the only way that I see this working is if I web scrape for days. There must be a database that already has all this information in an accessable way.
If there isn't can you please point me to the easiest way to import this information.

KB5005565 Doesn't solve any CVE but it replaces KB4557957 that does addresses the security issue described in CVE-2018-0886.

so for me KB5005565 is also fine with CVE-2018-0886.

@DSPatrick I've seen you answer some similar questions, I hope you might be able to help, or anyone else.

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