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Problem for VPn I am not sure

This is a global problem, at least in my company there are others as well suffering from this. During the work day, I don't see any new messages and continue working. At next day, or at the same evening if I relogin to Teams again, I see tens of people has been reaching out to me and I see lot of new messages during that date. This is serious problem which affects business a lot. It doesn't matter, do I use VPN or not. I have 100mbps cable internet at home, so network quality is not the issue. With this kind of problem, people must get back to using emails... which is very sad. Is Microsoft already aware of this?

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Microsoft is aware of this problem and in testing phase. Yannara posts a similar thread here and opens a ticket. Please pay attention to his update.

You could try to use Teams web client to check if new messages are received normally. Also, try to log out and relog in Teams client.

Besides, if I get any update, I will share with you here as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Can someone please help.

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