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linked serivce in ADF failing while trying to connect host on prem file share

I am getting this error below while trying to connect linked service to on prem file share

Failed to get the secret from key vault, secretName: kv-BOB-Password, secretVersion: kv_asap, vaultBaseUrl: The error message is: Method GET does not allow operation 'kv_asap'. Activity ID: 2634b126-ee04-4ce4-8253-17e6d5bfd2dc

any clues if this something to do with Kv secret value or some thing ??

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Hi @AzeemK-2483 ,

Thank you for posting query here.

From the error message it seems, ADF is not able to get value from your secret in Azure Key vault.

Could you please check is pointers once and see if that helps.

  • Is your linked service for key vault is able to perform Test connection successfully?

  • Your ADF managed identity has all access or permission on Key vault to read values from secrets?

Please check below link of documentation which explains all pre-requisites and details to store credentials in Azure Key Vault.

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Hi @AzeemK-2483 ,

Following up to see if you get chance to see above comment and share updates?

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